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Michael Strauss

Dr. Michael G. Strauss is an experimental particle physicist. Dr. Strauss has been a professor at the University of Oklahoma in Norman since 1995. He is also a Christian who discusses the relationship between science, rational thinking, objective evidence, and Christian faith.

D.A. Horton

D.A. Horton serves as Pastor of Reach Fellowship in North Long Beach, CA, and Chief Evangelist for the Urban Youth Workers Institute. Previously, he served as a church planter in Kansas City, MO, and the Executive Director at ReachLife Ministries, the non-profit ministry of Reach Records.

Rebecca McLaughlin

Rebecca McLaughlin is a young author who confronts 12 questions that keep many of us from considering faith in Christ. Her first book, Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion, examines the most pressing challenges to Christianity in our age.

Vishal Mangalwadi

Vishal Mangalwadi is an Indian Christian philosopher who presents a case for his controversial claim that the Bible was the book that created the modern world in his books, The Book that Made Your World and This Book Changed Everything. Today, he travels as a public speaker.

God, Life & Faith in the City

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City Center Conversations aims to ask and address great questions; questions about violence and peace; questions about education, family, and the future; questions about faith and God; questions about life in the city. By asking these questions, our goal is to show how faith can be the center of conversation in our city. Life is too short to leave big questions unanswered!

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About Us

City Center Conversations is a Little Rock based conversations series hosted by Dr. Steven W. Smith. The strategy is to host nationally known speakers, who are living out their faith in the public square to Little Rock, to have open conversations about faith and tackle some of the biggest questions of the day.

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Many of our speakers are accomplished writers. Our guests as well as our host have written books on topics including: key historical figures, miracles, American liberty, grace, atheism, evidence for Christ, physics, marriage, preaching, and more. We are all learning and growing in our knowledge and faith.

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